Mabuhay! MNL Tribune is a digital magazine for the overwhelming minority. It seeks to provide useful information about current events, business, self care, travel & devotions.

Founded on April 5, 2020, it is being run by a millennial who is currently ranging over the corporate jungle, but is aspiring to pave her own, unconventional path to self actualization.

Published here are all the good things (food, travel, entertainment features) she experiences and the insights she gets as she face the giants (personal development, career, business stories, etc.).

Most of the articles here may have been written while she’s on the bus or in the bathroom, but they are actually meant to provide useful information that are seldom seen on other blogs. This, hence, is a go-to website for people who would like to learn from someone who always take a shot and learns from it.

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Patrick Lo

Patrick Gabriel Lo is a humanities and social sciences student of Makati Hope Christian School who serves as the current editor-in-chief of the school publication, Candle Pen. He is also the institution’s first ever qualifier for the National Schools Press Conference. A student-leader by nature, Patrick has also garnered leadership awards like the Gerry Roxas Leadership Award and attended the premier legislative simulation in the Philippines.

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Ji Beltran

Ji Beltran, or Mary Grace Claveria, is a digital marketing professional who specializes in social media management, content marketing, and Facebook and Google ad campaign management. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Communication degree in De La Salle University. Her personal vision is to be God’s ambassadress in all areas of her life and to do everything according to His will so that at the end of her life on earth, she would hear her Master say, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.” Ji is also the founder of Innvigorate Philippines and a co-owner of IVEE Beauty Solutions.

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