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MANILA, Philippines – P-Pop band SB 19 lands Top 2 on Billboard’s Social 50.

This week, the Korean trained Filipino band ranker number 2 following BTS in the Social 50 chart.

Among those in the top 10 of the said chart are:

  1. BTS
  2. SB 19
  3. ATEEZ
  4. BlackPink
  5. Treasure
  6. SuperM
  7. Baekhyun
  8. EXO
  10. Billie Eilish

The said Social 50 chart of Billboard ranks the most active musical artists in popular social media sites. The said metric factors in the artists’s followers and fans.

Meanwhile, the said band also went up to No. 6 in the list of Top Emerging Artists on Billboard. It followed the artist BENEE.

The artists that joined SB 19 are:

  1. NLE Choppa
  2. Dominic Fike
  4. JP Saxe
  5. BENEE
  6. SB 19
  7. City Girls
  8. Mulatto
  9. Matt Stell
  10. Parker McCollum

The said band has blown the Twitter world in a storm after the said announcement.

SB 19 continues to dominate in the music world

Through the start of 2020, SB 19 has not allowed the pandemic to stop their flames from burning. They seem to just overflow in passion after each glass ceiling the break in the music world.

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The artists Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin form the P Pop band.

The local band is popular for their impeccable Korean training. They are home-grown talents of the Korean Company ShowBT.

Seong Han Geong founded the company after his stint as a comedian.

From his career in comedy, Geong wanted to shoot his shot in the media industry. A decade ago he went on to marry that interest with a pursuit of entrepreneurship.

With those experiences, he hoped to apply the Korean paradigm to SB 19. In the end of it all, his goal was for the group to make a significant global impact.

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