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MANILA, Philippines – Following the threat of a local government to kill people who violate quarantine protocols, Senator Risa Hontiveros called for a probe into LGU quarantine protocol enforcement abuse.

The lady senator expressed dismay on the actions of the local government’s abuse of the lockdown measures.

“Why is killing our answer to a health crisis? Our people are already suffering, and statements like that do not inspire confidence in our local leaders,” Hontiveros said Wednesday.

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In a Facebook post that was deleted, Quezon City Task Force Disiplina official Rannie Ludovica gave heinous remarks on the matter. He said that they will have a shoot-to-kill policy on quarantine violators.

“Starting tomorrow, shoot-to-kill is what will happen to all violators of the MECQ,” he said.

In response, Hontiveros filed a senate resolution urging lawmakers to investigate on the matter.

The resolution called on the Senate Committee on Local Government to “probe the controversy involving [Ludovica], as well as other documented cases of abuse, violence and illegal acts by local officials during enforcement of quarantine rules meant to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

She added that this is not the first time that the task force acted in a troublesome manner.

LGU quarantine protocol enforcement abuse already a trend

The lady senator cited that a similar incident that happened last April. She brought to attention “the brutal mauling and detention of a fish vendor by members of the task force last April for failing to wear a mask.”

“I urge the Quezon City government to consider replacing Mr. Ludovica with someone who can actually help save, not harm, local residents,” Hontiveros ordered.

In the grand scheme of it, this is not the first time that these abuses happened.

Hontiveros highlighted, “In Metro Manila and other areas where community quarantine have been imposed, there have been too many cases of human rights abuse and other illegal acts which we need to stop.”

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