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2020 Highlights

2020 is not really the best year that everyone had hoped for. Early into this year, a lot of disasters happened before anyone expected them to begin. The question is, are there things that went right in 2020?

The Taal Volcano erupted, then the forest fire in Australia. A week or two later, we might have found out that crush had no feeling for us or whatsoever.

To everyone out there who hoped for a better year, we might think that we now belong to #TeamAsado. If we fell for the breezy moves of crush or we were the ones who were pa-fall, then maybe #TeamBolabola.

For what it’s worth, we at MNL Tribune still want to share the good vibes. The year was still fruitful despite the on set of the novel coronavirus.

Who would have known that a small epidemic that started in Wuhan, China would escalate into a global pandemic.

Currently, we aren’t at the end of the year yet, but there is so much to be thankful for.

Here are the top 77 things that went right in 2020:

1. President Duterte finally made nice with the old pal, Harry Roque

Let us get this straight, I root for the both of them. Somehow, through the low’s of valleys and darkness of caves, their relationship grew into something meaningful. During the pandemic when President Duterte needs Atty. Roque the most, they reunite and announce #Besties4Life.

Just like that, Salvador Panelo is out and Spokesperson Roque is now in the ship with the president once again. #Reunited

2. New Zealand Prime Minister showed the world how the Boss Bitch ain’t just playin’ around

Who has not heard of this lady? C’mon guys, she is like the lady president every country longs to have. Her poise and class is highly admirable during a pandemic.

Jacinda Ardern is 40-year-old politician who is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. She has taken leadership of the country’s labour party since 2017.

Throughout the whole world, countries marveled at the strong leadership she showed during the COVID-19 health crisis. The government she leads quickly imposed restrictions and avoided complacency at the infancy of the said pandemic.

At the on-set of the virus, when nation leaders were still iffy about what to do, she knew just how to go about it

READ: New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free

These all resulted to New Zealand leading the fight against the respiratory illness.

Among others, Ardern is also praised for the strong stance she takes in promoting women empowerment. She is one of the hallmarks of what women can do as leaders and homemakers.

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It is not Ardern’s first time to take the global spotlight. Back in 2018, she showed the world that one can lead a country but also still fulfill one of her many roles as a woman, a child-bearer. She took a 6-week maternity leave, one rare occurrence around the world, then went back to business.

During that time, many doubted her capability to multi-task. However, she confidently took on the challenge and said a big “YES”.

So, in 2020, she takes on the whole world with a whole lot more popularity. Another inspiration story in our collection of motivational stories.

Indeed, this is one of the things that went right in 2020.

3. Alden Richards setting some steam during quarantine

I must admit, Alden may have boosted a lot of my insecurity. Who would expect that a boy-next-door can undergo metamorphosis in such a quick amount of time. Later, he comes our as a blazing fire that heated up the already steaming summer.

How often does it happen that you wake up early in the morning, very disoriented and come face-to-face with a thirst-quenching feed. Ehem, specifically coming from the formerly wholesome branding of Alden.

That is definitely something that went right in 2020. Just take a look at these.

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Bawi na lang next summer. ☀️

A post shared by Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) on

Talk about being talikodgenic or whatevah?! Here goes more of Alden Richards, ladies.

Now, let’s get some words of wisdom from the Pambansang Bae.

Then now, we get to the finale. We are now able to see the product of hard-work and perseverance. Presenting, the pandesal-abs.

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Mindset is everything.

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Then more of it…

And now, we at MNL Tribune wants you to recover from all that steam. Here is his killer-smile.

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Today’s agenda: spend the day in my PJs.

A post shared by Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) on

He is now inviting you to spend a day in PJs (wink wink). If ever you decide to do so, then I bet your smiles would be as big as this.

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Early pack up from a shoot. Ingat ka today. 🙂

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That’s it, thank you Sir Alden Richards, for gracing this turbulent time with good content.

4. Climate Change effects are slowly reversed

Amid all the steam that the ladies faced a while ago with Alden’s Instagram feed, we now move on to the fact that the Earth is now normalizing its temperature. Take note, not all good news have to be hot, okay?

Kidding aside, the healing of Mother Earth is now finally a reality that we are going through.

A professor from the University of Miami and climate change expert can vouch for this.

READ: Are COVID-19 shutdowns teaching us how to reverse the effects of climate change?

Joanna Lombard said, “We definitely are seeing the environmental benefits of shutting down our normal consumption of goods. The diminishment of transportation emissions is significant, and the reports from around the world show us glimpses of regeneration that occurs when we all step back.”

Meanwhile, it is not only the greenhouse gases that the shutdown was able to mitigate. The lockdowns promoting less mobility also caused more conducive breeding environments for different species.

Mauro Galetti, director of University’s John C. Gifford Arboretum and a tropical ecologist in the Department of Biology, certainly thinks so.

“Less traffic and noise during the spring—which is breeding season for most birds, frogs, and mammals—is certainly much better for animals,” Galetti said.

Here is a more graphic view of how this is a thing that went right in 2020.

5. David Guison teaches us how to become a fashionable plant daddy

Speaking of climate change and Carbon Dioxide, greens are now a trend, at least in-doors. This allegedly helps in filtering the air and producing more oxygen. In 2020, we say yes to healthy and breathable air.

In fact, this is not just a myth. A research published in 1989 showed that in-door plants alleviate cancer-causing compounds in the air. The said research helps filter compounds like formaldehyde are filtered through its leaves.

READ MORE: You Asked: Can Indoor Plants Really Purify the Air?

However, in the Philippines, we have male fashion blogger David Guison to show us how to be a plant dad, yet still maintain AESTHETICS.

You see, plants are still a decoration that helps maintain the BALANCE in a minimalist pad.

Check these videos out:

Sub-Plot 1: Becoming a Plant Daddy
Sub-Plot 2: Having quarantine ruin your plant babies #SadLife
Sub-Plot 3: Moving on and looking at the bright side

There you go, some full-proof plans on how to care for your plants at home. We at MNL Tribune was definitely enlightened by these content from David Guison and also wish to have our own #PlantBabies.

6. Kryz Uy carries the torch and shows everyone how one can become a fab Tita like her

Previously, Kryz Uy showed us how a Crazy Rich Asian is ought to be. Her walk-in closet has gotten girls from all over the world envious of her vanity area. This even caught the attention of some international influencers.

Then, this just gets better. She shows how a reaction video is done. Kryz then reacts to a reaction video about her. However, she shows us that Crazy Rich Asians are not confined to just luxury.

In fact, they make some of the most well-researched mommies. She first drops a very comprehensive maternity for all Titas out there who wish to have babies soon. Take note, she takes it up a notch with IMPORTED goods.

Then she shows more tips for future mommies.

Then pretty much she just takes us along with her adventures with the SkyFam.

Every step of the way, Mommy Kryz just shows us that, just like anything in life, it also takes mistakes to learn how to be a good parent.

With everything that is happening around us, it is nice to gain more insights about the next phases that are to come in life. That is what this Filipina Tita is all about. Cheers to you, Kryz!

This is indeed something that went right amid a turbulent 2020.

7. Annalise Keating gives us a meaningful ending

Okay, now it is time to talk about one of the most phenomenal TV series in existence. That is ABC’s, “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Most fans of the series was shocked that Season 6 is already the final season for the show. First, there was more that could have happened with the pending class action suit that Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) filed.

Like HELLO? She just won in the Supreme Court with a speech that spoke about the marginalized and existing oppression in society.

Season 6 seemed too near an ending for the series. The series was not your ordinary TV show. It broke glass ceilings in entertainment. Their story-telling revolutionizes how murder can portray issues concerning race, gender, and society.

However, the ending shows us that it is not the cliche ending that everyone assumed basing off from their foreshadowing. Annalise Keating is able to take her mask off and show us what empowerment is all about

A bonus, her greatest love, Eve, is given the opportunity to eulogize her.

The ending is indeed a beautiful and inspiring one. One that shows us that we can still face every challenge with our heads held high.

MNL Tribune may look like spoilers at this point. However, the question that you have to answer is whether she does “get away with murder”.

8. Catriona Gray shows us who the real queen is

Recently, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was dragged into an alleged scandal. This was when an individual circulated an alleged photoshopped photo of her. The said photo was a topless photo of a woman that had her face attached to it.

Along with the photo were two videos with the beauty queen.

Catriona quickly went to the National Bureau of Investigation to seek for legal help. Together with her legal counsel, they are assuring that this person will face the sanctions that are mandated by law.

Just like that, Catriona shows us that a queen ain’t backing down from a fight.

9. Quarantine teaches us that there is no bound to friendship, specially in the digital world

In the midst of this lockdown, it has become harder for us to catch up with friends, at least physically. However, the absence of travelling also gives us more quality time to spend with friends and family members from distant land.

Currently, we are able to stream shows together via Netflix Parties. More so, applications like Zoom, Messenger, and Google Meet allow for swift video calls just to see our loved ones.

So now, the most of the digital world is maximized with the absence of mobility.

10. Ben was able to spend quality time with Jen before she passed away

Now, now, I know that you cried a river after watching “Through Night and Day.” If you did not cry, then what are you? Kidding! Take note, I cried a lot.

In the grand scheme of it, the important part of why I actually consider this a good thing that happened in 2020, is that at least Ben would live on with peace. After everything that has happened between the both of them, he is able to apologize and give her the happiness that they should have shared if they did not break up.

It would hurt more to know that there was something wrong that happened to your special someone and you weren’t able to do anything about it. Worst, that you were the first to neglect that person in her time of need.

#HUGOT as it may seem, we at MNL Tribune take pride in leading semi-deep and malalim conversations. However, at the end of it all, the movie just teaches us a thing or two about mortality. It is a gift and a curse.

11. iPad Pro 2020 came out with the iPad OS 14

All the work from home happening just makes it harder to do all the #WFH. Different schools and companies are now moving towards productivity while still decreasing mobility.

Both the Department of Education and President Rodrigo Duterte maintained their stance that schools have to start. They have stated that the postponing of education will set the country’s progress backward.

Alongside, the trade and economic planners have also stated that the Philippine economy has to start opening up.

With the new iPad Pro 2020, with the new iPad OS 14, productivity is now at a different level. From just a usual laptop, you now have a laptop replacement that is also perfect for entertainment, reading, and note-taking.

From standardized tests, the product just gets better and better. It showed that iPad’s operating system beats the Geekbench test scores of the Apple Macbook Pro. One competitive device against another, is this really the new computer that is not a computer?

This new device on your working deck is indeed something that went right in 2020. You can purchase the said product from the Apple Store Philippines. The price starts at P47,990 for the entry-level.

12. Logitech launches the Smart Folio Touch

Along with the launching of the newest iPad Pro 2020 is the new Magic Keyboard. This is just like the keyboard from the Macbooks, however, it comes with a hefty price as well. It is something both you and I would want to have on deck, in addition to the iPad Pro.

Sadly, our resources are not unlimited. Sad.

This is when Logitech has got our backs, just like old pals. It recently launched the Smart Folio Touch. The said is just like the Magic Keyboard of Apple. However, its starting price is set at a much lower price.

In the US, it sells for $160 compared to the $300 price tag of the Magic Keyboard. These price differences are not that reflective of their difference in quality and comfort.

It is currently still no available in the Philippines, BUT, it is something we should definitely look forward to.

13. iPhone SE 2 was released

In time of a pandemic, if we stand as a solid Apple supporter, it just is not possible to get a brand new phone. It is just so expensive that our wallets begin screaming “STOP!”

However, with the new iPhone SE 2 this just makes it possible to still have the latest Apple products. The said model of the iPhone features a comeback of old features of the phone.

Some of its review go as far as saying that it has the look of the previous iPhone 8. However, its internals are way more upgraded having the iPhone 11.

It features the A13 bionic chip. Meanwhile, its RAM is at 3 GB. Not bad for a budget cellphone.

The price starts at P26,490 and it is available at the Apple Store Philippines. It features a wide array of color selection.

Apple offers the said phone in red, white, and black. It starts at 64 GB and is expandable to 256 GB.

14. Erwan Heussaff shows us, gents, the way to a girl’s heart

Isn’t Erwan Heussaff one of the most ideal husbands one can have. He has a demigod body and a very eloquent mouth. A cherry on top of the cake is his cooking skills.

Going home to a nice dinner. WHAT?! #SanaAll

However, Erwan takes the challenge up a notch by showing us how to get some trendy culinary done. In a FAST and SIMPLE way.

Level 1: Basic Culinary Skills Needed
Level 2: Intermediate Skills Needed
Level 3: Advanced Supreme Lord Culinary Level

Had a small or BIG fight with your bae? Here are full proof plans to make up. 😉 What are you waiting for, get to the kitchen and start tossing some ingredients around.

Erwan, thank you for leading a generation of young men and titos to a greener pasture. These tips are definitely something that went right in 2020.

15. UNIQLO launches its first online shop

It sucks to not be able to go out and enjoy roaming around our favorite UNIQLO stores. Most especially when our closets are never enough.

Just because…

But oh well, UNIQLO has got us covered. We can now scroll instead of stroll through their spacious boutiques. Their launch last July 16 was definitely something everyone waited for.

The UNIQLO Online Store is one of the many things that definitely went right in 2020.

16. Vico Sotto shows us that he is indeed a #Vivico

Since the 2019 elections, people just can’t get enough of young and progressive leaders like Vico Sotto. The son of comedian Vic Sotto and veteran actress Coney Reyes, definitely showed us that wit is the new charm.

While in 2020, he showed us that strong leadership is also one of the ways to earn pogi points.

At the same time, this young politician also knows a thing or two about modesty. Definitely a modern gentleman in my book.

17. PS5 gets launched

When almost all Generation Z and millenials are stuck at home, we need some new outlet to just chill and get away from all that is happening with the pandemic. Sometimes, everything is just too much to take in.

Good thing is that Play Station 5 will be out by the end of the year. Hopefully by that time, we have already slowly recovered from the pandemic. Once we do, we have a small treat to celebrate the victory at home.

18. Parasite gets noticed in the international arena

The South Korean movie “Parasite” started making noise in the international arena. This is after they were recorded as the highest grossing film in both the UK and USA.

READ: Thanks to “Parasite,” we know what it takes for Americans to see an international film in theaters

The success of the said movie just showed that despite the hurdles needed for international movies to succeed in the US, Asian films are still able to make it.

This success is something that we Asians can definitely be proud of. Another thing that went right in 2020.

19. Angel Locsin shows us how modern-day Darna’s ought to be

Angel Locsin is one strong and independent woman. That is something we can all agree on. She was there when no one was looking.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, she just showed how fearless she can be as a woman.

Through all that has happened in the political landscape of the country, the actress-philanthropist continues to remind the government to prioritize the essential.

20. Money Heist

Money Heist has become a world phenomenon. In Netflix, it is the most-watched non-English show.

Some of the reasons why this Spanish thriller has taken over the world by storm is the fact that it leaves us viewers at the edge of their seats. It thrills us of what is to come in their intricately designed plan to take over the main controlling institution.

READ: ‘It’s pure rock’n’roll’: how Money Heist became Netflix’s biggest global hit

To some extents, La Casa de Papel becomes the spokesperson of our inner leftist thoughts. We are able to explore the realities wherein a society becomes under an anarchy becomes of the mind of thieves.

For binge-watchers, Money Heist on Netflix was indeed something that went right in 2020. Watch out for Part 5 coming your way in 2021.

21. McDonald’s starts selling Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Just last July 24, McDonald’s finally gave a kick to the our usual comfort food. The McDonald’s McNuggets. Okay, this is something we ate when we were stressed and had enough money to splurge a bit. Sadly, not during petsa de peligro.

Now, it is finally here.

It seems like the spice gods wanted to have something that will go right in 2020. Hence, they brought us this great creation.

Grab your Spicy Chicken McNuggets now at the McDonald’s Delivery.

22. Dumbell girl is the spokesperson of academic “weightlifters”

Academic weightlifters are unsung modern day heroes. They are the ones who painstakingly carry people who don’t deserve it. They are there through the challenges of academic life even when…

For all these suffering from your group mates, 2020 is definitely your year. Dumbell girl is our ultimate spokesperson. A bonus, she is our spirit animal after all the weeks of breaking up with sleep and having an affair with coffee.

Academic weightlifters, this is our year. Ate Dumbell, your speech was something that went right in 2020.

23. Animal Crossing

Amid the health crisis that has taken over the world, sometimes an escape to a place with rainbows and unicorns is just something we need.

Animal Crossing is game that Nintendo published. It simulates real-time happenings and wraps everything into the whole idea of a utopia.

Basically, it is a world wherein you can have friendly neighbors, lush greens, and an overall paradise.

So if you want to just spend sometime in an uberly cute island, then Animal Crossing is the way to go.

24. Pasaway tag on Filipinos got debunked

A month into the the pandemic, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque started blaming Filipinos for being “pasaway”.

Roque stated that quarantine protocol violators are the reason why the Philippines had the highest number of COVID-19 cases throughout the ASEAN nation.

The Palace started this blame game amid the administration’s failure to act promptly on spread of the respiratory illness. From the first cases of the novel coronavirus, the health department failed to enact protocols to prevent the infection from spreading in hospitals.

More so, at the infancy of the virus, actions to widen the capacity of testing was also not enacted.

READ: The Philippines’ Pandemic Response: A Tragedy of Errors

With all those inefficiencies, Roque had this to say, “Ang dami pong pasaway sa atin. At dahil po diyan number one na naman po tayo sa Asean sa dami ng COVID-19. Nakakahiya po yan!”

Months later, the whole tag gets slammed down. This is after a London-based research company’s study showed otherwise.

According to the study, Filipinos are not inherently pasaway. In fact, they actually wear masks more often compared to Hongkongers. Among 29 countries that they studied, the Philippines ranked second next to Singapore.

READ: ‘Pasaway’? Filipinos wear masks more than Hong Kongers do – UK study

If this is not a way for Filipinos to get back at those who have called them pasaway, I don’t know what is. Definitely something that went right in 2020 for Filipinos.

25. Ateneo shows true magis after refunding tuition fees from SY 2019-2020

When quarantine started back in March, students just had to celebrate it. AS IN, CELEBRATE! Imagine having a week of not having classes, say what?

For some students in highschool and below, it meant an early summer vacation. However, it meant doomsday for college students and other private school students.

Students from the University of the Philippines started to appeal to the Board of Regents to amend their policies on the matter. They cited that there would be students left behind if remote learning continues. The said protest warranted merit.

READ: UP Diliman suspends online classes due to enhanced COVID-19 quarantine

However, from Ateneo, they were gracious enough to grant a refund for their students. They refunded P20,000 of the said tuition and gave all their students a passing mark.

The Ateneo de Manila University truly shows what it means to be more, specially during a health crisis. Practicing magis is something that went right this 2020.

26. Dalgona Coffee

DALGONA COFFEE! This frothy yet tedious coffee craft is something that will definitely lighten up your day. Light, flavorful foam and milk?

When Summer 2020 came, we were all looking for a replacement to the artisan coffee we used to have. Now, Tiktok all gave us the inspiration to make our own coffee at home.

The thing that makes it so special during quarantine is that it just takes 3 ingredients to get it done. You will just need granulated coffee, sugar, and milk. Then you can enjoy it while working from home.

With all the hustling we gotta do at home, this comes in to help us relive the coffee shop days. Indeed, something that went right in 2020.

27. Sushi Bake

A thing or two that life has taught me about Japanese food is that it requires an IMMENSE amount of culinary technique

Just take a look at this…

With the current Sushi bake, its heart lies in deconstructing the intricate process of enjoying the Sushi flavor. Now, you are able to enjoy a Japanese casserole and fill it in the Nori sheet (aka Taco Shell). Voila, you can now enjoy the Japanese restaurant flavors you have been craving for.

Whoever, started this, thank you for making something happen right in 2020.

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28. You can now cook at home your favorite fast food

One craving after the other, the culinary gods just seem to think that blessings should keep showering upon us. This year, it might make us sad that we can’t go out to feed on our cravings.

But, whoever said that we can’t dine it in the comfort of our own home?

Recently, Jollibee just added to their offering Ready-to-Cook meals. These are all from their menu in physical stores.

Aside from the Jollibee outlets, they are also offering these goodies in select supermarkets like the SM Supermarket, Rustan’s Marketplace, and the Robinsons Supermarket.

Our favorite dimsum places like DECS and King Chef are also offering frozen goodies to cook at home.

Photo from: King Chef Facebook page

What are you waiting for? Enjoy these culinary blessings that certainly went right in 2020.

29. Facebook launched the care emoji, just when everyone needed more TLC

Everything that has happened have hindered us from being with friends. More so, it has deprived us from doing things that we would usually do for friends. That is to CARE about them. We Filipinos just have that inner bayanihan spirit in us.

Hence, having the care emoji is a way for us to at least send some care to our loved ones. Who knew that the former like sign can expand this much to help us express human emotions.

30. John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo Reunites

Fans of “One More Chance” and “A Second Chance” just can’t wait for COVID-19 to finish. This is just to see the John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo tandem back again.

Over the quarantine, Antoinette Jadaone led a movement called the #unconfined cinema. They aired the said narratives thru the IG stories and got fans in the highest kilig level possible.

If only it weren’t true, we might just agree that, “lahat tayo anak ng Diyos, pero may mas mahal ang Diyos.”

Without further ado, this is one thing that went right this 2020.

31. 2020 allowed us to see life with a clearer vision

With everything that is happening around the world, this year just teaches us to value what is essential. Some times, we may think that it is in the grandeur that we attain satisfaction. However, this is not the case all the time.

This 2020, we are just forced to live within our means. More so, a greater challenge of survival is something that we have to think about. It is the best and worst time to be alive.

Worst, because we are living yet fearing for death. But best, because we are at the edge of our seats with all the ongoing health issues going on.

READ: Novel swine flu emerges amid COVID-19 pandemic

Let us continue to live our best lives everyday. Step back and thank the Lord for how far he has brought you to in life.

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