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MANILA, Philippines – Allan K confirmed on Monday that Comedian Kim Idol has passed away.

“You were one of the best talents Klownz and Zirkoh have ever had. One of the funniest on and off stage,” Allan K said.

He added, “You will always be remembered by people whose lives you touched through comedy. Rest in peace Kim Idol. We will miss you.”

Kim Idol’s mom Maria Argente also aired her sad feelings on the matter. She said, “Anak, alam ko lumaban ka para hindi mo kami iwan. Pinaalis mo lang kami ng ate mo dahil hindi namin kaya na mawala ka. Maraming nagmamahal sayo anak. We love u!”

[Translation: Son, I know you fought to not leave us. You just asked me and yiur sister to leave because we can’t take losing you. A lot of people loves you, son. We love you!

Kim Idol’s death came after he was found unconscious in his room in Philippine Arena. There, he was helping out COVID-19 patients.

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The 41-year-old comedian was diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformation. It is a condition wherein his blood vessels incurred an abnormal tangling. He knew this diagnosis since 2015.

At the onset of the medical emergency, he was immediately rushed to the Manila Central University Hospital. In there, he was under life support for four days before he passed away.

Recently, he was working as a quarantine officer under the Bureau of Quarantine. He was assigned in the mega-quarantine facility in the Philippine Arena.

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