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While in the corporate world, you may already be looking into ideas for business. As a developing country, the industrial landscape has yet to be saturated, making it palpable to start a side business in the Philippines.

The only thing is that you may be looking for the best ideas but don’t have a grasp of them yet, or at least some things unique. Now, it is time to make no excuses and immerse in the suitable side business suitable for the Philippines.

Before giving you the list, make sure to inhale the Rufa Mae Quinto spirit first, “Go, go, go… todo na to!”

1. Influencer

The influencer scene caters to a wide array of interests. It becomes a safe and not too demanding place when you are just thinking of starting a business idea in PR. It’s pretty safe and all you got to do is pose and be ready to post-process.

2. Coffee Bean Distributor

With the millennial and gen z love for signature coffee, they are now breaking away from the typical 3-in-1 coffee mixes. Considering the high demand on coffee beans that are of great quality but on the more localized end, it is one of the best businesses to start. Some of the folks from Mahogany Market and local farmers from the north can be your trusty suppliers.


3. Shoe Distributor

Let’s get this straight, for the guys out there, this is one of the most inventive ideas for an entrepreneur. You can literally be the trusty guy who can offer even the rarest of shoes, who can sell them when they are no where to be found.

It is a new idea of business that guys, specially the sneakerheads, can pursue as a passion project. Imagine taking hold of the rarest Jordan Bloodlines and the rare Airforce collections.

4. Freelance Writing

Have a passion for words? Dude, just pursue it as a side hustle. Try contributing in different publications first and, before you know it, you might be able to establish your own reputable by-line and writing brand.

5. Candy Confectionery

Filipinos have a sweet tooth, that is a fact. One of the most profitable Philippine business ideas is to start your little confectionery brand, start making small batches, it just takes a about 3-5 ingredients for the base, and you are good to go. As a matter of fact, because of its nature, its one simple business idea, that has more or less 50% gross profit margin.

6. Men’s Cosmetics

Truth be told, the cosmetic scene does not have much in store for men. There are only about a hand full of brands focusing on men like Man. Really passionate about classic barber and dasher or just a hopeful that men can have more options, go ahead and start a business in the Philippines.

7. Luxury Selling

Girls, this is for you. Lately the hypebeast culture has been dominated by men, but who ever said that the bag culture has died down. Bags will forever be relevant, more so in this decade when vintage is making a come-back. Invest on a few pieces, sell them, and earn a profit.

8. Business Consultancy

Currently, people, specially start-ups, would die to get professional help to innovate and equip their businesses with better operations. While some, may need to optimize their brands to maximize sales. If you’re an industry expert who has no patience to innovate a self-made product, then this is one of the business product ideas for you.


9. Food Stall Franchises

Have the capital and want a business that is not so demanding? Food Stall Franchises, like Master Siomai and Empanada Royale, are surely the best businesses in the Philippines for you. In roughly 6 months, depending on sales and location, you will already be in the return of investment phase.

10. Samgyupsal Delivery

Samgyupsal has been a staple for the Filipinos, it is as vital as dating an oppa every now and then. Who are we kidding? Wouldn’t it be great to have the samgyup experience without having to brace the traffic of the Philippine streets?

With the high trend and low saturation of this kind of service, this is surely a good business to start. Try it out during weekends or hire a staff or two, and you’re good to go.

11. Chinese Dimsum  

Hey, good Chinese Dimsum is very rare to come by, I’m not kidding, most of those fast dimsum stalls are fake. If you’re a culinary expert in the precious handiwork of Chinese dimsum, go ahead and start from weekend markets, it will surely be a hit when you perfect that hakaw and radish cake recipe. One of the best ideas for business for Asian-inclined foodies.


12. Graphic Designer

Have a real passion for the digital arts, or even fine arts, start out with one or two commissions every now and then. Save up money from your corporate job and freelance work, then slowly shift into gearing for an art studio. Take Artsmith and So Asian Comics for example. These are some of the Philippine business opportunities that haven’t been too saturated.

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13. Hair and Make Up

Ladies, on special days, those eyebrows got to be on fleak and that crowning glory just got to drape well (something as intricate as haute couture). If you have a passion for this and want to do it more, this is definitely a good idea for business when side-hustling.

14. Resource Speaker

We have pretty much dozed off in a lot of talks. I can attest and confess to the guilt. Even when they seem too overrated, the speakers whose voices we sleep to actually earn a lot, depending on tenure.

One can earn as much as P9,000 for 2-hour talks. Brush up on your niche and start accepting pro bono talks every now and then. Have your tenure and insights put together, this is one of the best business ideas to make money.


15. Hosting

Ladies and Gentlemen, are your voices clear and attractive (bordering hot and irresistible)? Does your humor and wit make crowds go wild? This may be the perfect side hustle for you. You can unleash that true beast of a comedian not just in the office but also in events.

At the end of the day, your business really is something that you are truly passionate about. Perhaps something that has been up your alley at some point or the other, and just continue refining your craft to build a reputable brand.

Why not give it a try, drop in some other business ideas you have up your idea tank.

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