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During the quarantine season, everyone may already be at the petsa de peligro having reached the one-month mark. We have internet, yet there’s not enough disposable income for us. Let us make use of the readily available resources and figure out how to earn money online.

In this article, we wouldn’t want to leave you empty-handed, both literally and figuratively.

Surely, after a few days, you will already figure out how to make money at home, with ease and style.

8 Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. Contribute for Publications

    Now, let us get this clear, your inner writer is probably being unleashed with isolation. Why not try letting loose your inner critical or creative mind, alike.

    Publications like the Philippine Graphics and When in Manila accept contributors who have a knack for putting words together. After all, this is the time to explore hobbies that you haven’t given a chance because of work. Now, the love triangle becomes anchored with the value of fidelity.

  2. Write a Novel

    If ever any of that love intensified and grew deeper and stronger, bro/sis, you are now ready to take that relationship up a notch. Why not try developing your own characters and internalize something. Maybe all those binge-watching has made you become an Annalise Keating or Pedro Alonso alter ego, just enough inspiration to write about the journey of your newfound character. You can try looking into publishing houses like Anvil Publishing and Adarna Publishing House.

  3. Sell Old Stuff

    At this day in age, Marie Kondo and minimalist living is a huge trend. From mid-2019 up until now the buzz about it is still not over. Maybe your trash can be someone else’s treasure? Give it a try. It’s easy money online.

    First things first, clean your closet, decide on what to keep and what to sell, then brush up on photography skills (or even the modelling) then start posting. Even for people who aren’t digital nomads, it is quite easy, from Facebook market places to Shoppee, or even Luxe if you’re on the higher end.sell-old-stuff

  4. Build Your Own Blog

    Explore your own creative contents and start publishing under your by-line. Currently, you may be looking at managing teams and starting something meaningful to change the world in little ways, hence, creating your own blog allows you to earn money online and have yourself your own legit paying site.

    Now, how exactly is that? Aside from influencers who get paid by brands for marketing, you can now earn money with Google AdSense and different affiliate marketing platforms.

    How? Through advertisements posted on your site and hyperlinks leading to certain products. Hey, that is a dime in your pocket while helping brands promote their products, a win-win situation!affiliate-marketing-hubspot

  5. Freelance Creative Works

    Currently, with almost everything dying down, including small-time businesses, there is much pressure to come back stronger after the quarantine, hence, graphic designing and creative commissions are just around the corner. Start from your circle of friends or explore different social media groups and freelance platforms, like UpWork, you might just get worthy clients.

  6. Paid Online Surveys

    At this time, our inner evaluative selves become even more apparent. Taking surveys online just take a small fraction of time. Also, you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

    Many people find as a legit platform to earn money. It is an online surveying platform that allows you to earn at least 30 pesos per survey that you answer. They reach out to market researchers and are the ones who give out the paid online surveys.

  7. Online Tutoring Classes

    Everything has slowed down ever since the quarantine, businesses, traffic, the stock market, sad to say, schools aren’t part of that. Now is the time to strut your intelligence to the world. Try looking for high school or college students to tutor. If you want to go more adventurous then you can tutor foreign students to teach English.

  8. Subscription Webinars

    People are now starting to get bored and tired of Netflix at home. See, one thing is clear, our minds and body can only chill for so much time, it will sooner or later crave for meaningful activities. Through webinars, you can impart your expertise on certain niche topics. Platforms like Coursera and Udemy even allows you to earn as you do just that.earn-money-online

Do you have any other ideas on how to earn money online? Let’s get talking at the comment box below.

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